Friday, November 13, 2009

Music in the Tuileries

I have noticed that I am really liking paintings that have a lot going on in them. This next paining I came across definantly has alot going on, wih all the men in top hats and all the movement on the front of the paining. I really like how nearly every figure in the paining is wearing the same colors, the women in white dresses and the men in black suits. I think this makes for more than one focal point; which I think will make you look at it just a little harder. The painting is called Music in the Tuileries by Edouard Manet, it is oil on canvas, 76 x 118 cm, painted in 1862. It is now located in the National Gallery, London.


After talking about Jackson Pollock in class on Wednesday. I wanted to try and find some of his work. I found this one on just a search online. I believe that the name of it is Glaxay, I'm not 100% sure though. i just really like the way the colors are subtly poping out from behing the more normal colors. I really like how there are something that are simple in this, but it also seems caotic with all of the different directions the colors are going.