Friday, November 13, 2009

Music in the Tuileries

I have noticed that I am really liking paintings that have a lot going on in them. This next paining I came across definantly has alot going on, wih all the men in top hats and all the movement on the front of the paining. I really like how nearly every figure in the paining is wearing the same colors, the women in white dresses and the men in black suits. I think this makes for more than one focal point; which I think will make you look at it just a little harder. The painting is called Music in the Tuileries by Edouard Manet, it is oil on canvas, 76 x 118 cm, painted in 1862. It is now located in the National Gallery, London.


After talking about Jackson Pollock in class on Wednesday. I wanted to try and find some of his work. I found this one on just a search online. I believe that the name of it is Glaxay, I'm not 100% sure though. i just really like the way the colors are subtly poping out from behing the more normal colors. I really like how there are something that are simple in this, but it also seems caotic with all of the different directions the colors are going.

Monday, October 26, 2009

This is another Painting by Claude Monet its called Sunrise and it was painted in 1874. what caught my eye to this piece was the coloring of the sunrise; the bright orange that was just made to pop being put against the blue shipyard in the morning. What I love about this painting is how alot of the details are subtle you have to really look at the paining to find them, not just take a glance at it. You really have to try and see it.

I have never seen this painting before and I can't belive that i haven't. I really like how the artist made all the figures look so simple, but bu doing that eh brought out their detail. I love the coloring it reminds me of spring!
I wasn't able to find the year and the arist, but it looks like to me that its oil on canvas. I could be wrong though.

This was painted by Claude Monet. I couldn't find the name or the year of this paining, but it is one of my absolute favorite paintings. I love how from far away it looks like simple and easy, but then when you look up close you see all the detail he created with all the tiny brush strokes. Beautiful!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When i saw this piece by Gauguin as well, i loved his detail in the painting and how he captured the life of these people in the Ssouth Pacific.

This is a painting done By Gauguin. I saw his work in a movie called Paridise Found; which was a movie about his life. I stubbled upon this searching the web and i really liked it. It drew me in because Irisis are my favorite flower and i loved how he did this piece. It reminds me of a painting that Van Gough did.